To get started with ViewRanger Skyline augmented reality, which uses your phone’s camera to label more than 9 millions landscape features around the world, simply open the map screen and tap the mountain icon in the bottom left-corner. This will open the Skyline camera view on your phone.


The app is free but additional functionality can be unlocked by upgrading the app to Premium.  All our map subscriptions include the premium upgrade. 

However, due to the transition to Outdooractive we no longer sell subscriptions. Please use the Outdooractive app and its pro subscription instead.

If you’re in an area with mobile signal or WiFi, you’ll immediately see labels for any peaks, lakes, towns, villages, ridgelines, mountains passes or cliffs within a 20-mile radius of where you’re standing. If you’re planning to explore an area without phone signal, simply download and save some maps for offline use before you set off and they’ll automatically download Skyline data with them.

To refresh any offline maps you’ve already downloaded so they include Skyline data, tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the app (three dots), select the ‘On Device’ tab, select the map you want to use, then tap ‘Refresh Skyline data’. The app will download all Skyline data for that map section onto your mobile device. Once installed, you’re ready to explore. You will need to do this for each section of offline map stored on your device.

If the accuracy of the labels looks slightly off, your phone may need calibrating.

The quickest way to calibrate is by waving your phone around in a figure of eight motion, or rolling your wrist in a circular motion. Moving from the Skyline view back to the normal map screen, then tapping the mountain icon to re-enter the Skyline view can also help.

Metal can interfere with your phone’s compass, which has a negative effect on the Skyline view. Move away from any objects, such as cars, that could cause interference. Make sure your phone case contains no metal and that you aren’t keeping your phone in your pocket next to your keys.

How to navigate with Skyline

Launch the ViewRanger app and select the profile tab in the top menu. Find a route you’ve downloaded or created, open it up, then tap the blue button to start following it. 

Tap the mountain icon on your map screen to open Skyline, hold your phone up to the landscape and pan around until you see the blue navigation arrows pointing you in the right direction.

As you navigate along your route any associated waypoint information, such as photographs or facts, will pop up within the Skyline view to provide a narrative as you travel through the landscape.

While using the Skyline view, simply tap the camera icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to take a photograph. The picture will be saved to your camera roll, so you can share with friends or post on social media when you have signal or WiFI connection.

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