Points of Interest

The green navigation bar at the top of the screen is where you navigate the app.  The 4 tabs from left to right are "Discovery", "Map", "Profile" and "Menu".  Tap the "Menu" tab, "Points of Interest" to display the list of tracks on the device.  At first, you will not have any POIs so nothing will be listed.


The Android version has 5 tabs with the addition of a "Search" tab.  On iOS, search is under Menu tab.

To mark a Point of Interest (POI) on your map – such as a footbridge, waterfall, campsite or pub – launch the ViewRanger app, tap the green + button in the bottom-right corner of the map screen then select ‘Add POI’.

Map tab (in green bar), plus "+" icon, Add POI

You’ll be asked to enter a name for the POI, then you need to position it. Two red icons will appear on your map screen – a small one containing a blue circle, and a larger one containing four red arrows. The blue circle pinpoints the position of your POI, and if you hold your finger on the red arrows you can drag and drop it exactly where you want it. Once you’re happy with the position, tap Done and your POI will be created.
With your POI selected, you can use the menu above to navigate towards it, centre its position on your map, export it as a GPX file, and change its icon.
POIs can be synchronized between devices, automatically, via the http://my.viewranger.com website.  When you create a POI on a mobile device, if an internet connection is available, it will automatically upload to the website and be available in a list to view and edit under My Account > My Points of Interest.  They can also be uploaded manually later, in the app, under Menu tab (in green bar), Points of Interest, and tapping the sync, or overflow, icon at the top right.


On the website, POIs can only be viewed in a list, and not on a map.  You can edit the icon, title, description and visibility (on the map in the app).  You cannot change the position and they cannot be exported to .GPX.  These things must be done in the app on the phone.

Edits made on the website should automatically appear in the app but you can use the Sync action at the top of the list of POIs if they do not appear right away.


Deleting a POI in the app on the mobile device WILL delete the POI from the website - and visa-versa!  This behavior is different from Routes and Tracks.

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