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ViewRanger for Apple Watch delivers offline maps, detailed route guides, and live trip stats directly to your wrist. The app pinpoints your exact location using GPS and tracks your movements on zoomable maps (using the digital crown). It’s compatible with all versions of Apple Watch when paired with an iPhone, and works as a standalone app when following a route using the built-in GPS on Apple Watch Series 2 and 3.

How to follow routes:
More than 150,000 ViewRanger routes worldwide – plus any routes you've created ­– are available to follow with Apple Watch. You can either stream routes directly from your iPhone to the Watch, or add them to the Watch and follow them without using your iPhone.
Streaming routes:
If you have your iPhone and Watch in close proximity, as soon as you start following a route on your phone it will be activated on the Watch. You can also start following routes in the Watch app by tapping the Routes button, choosing from the list of nearby routes you've either downloaded or created, then hitting Start. The map that's open on your iPhone will be visible on your Watch.
Streamed maps are managed by the watch system cache and is limited to 10 MB.

Open ViewRanger on your iPhone, search for nearby routes or select a route you've created, then click the blue Add button to transfer it to your Apple Watch. Once your route is transferred, you can follow it on your Apple Watch and leave your phone at home. The map that’s open on your iPhone when you transfer the route will appear on your Apple Watch.  It is important to keep the screen alive while you are adding a route to the watch — do this my turning the crown back and forth during the progress bar.
When using built-in cellular on the new Apple Watch Series 3 you can view up to 10 routes within one mile (1.6 kilometres) of where you’re standing and add them without needing the iphone.  When adding the route this way it wall always use the "ViewRanger Landscape map".

How to navigate in map-only mode
Select the Map option when you open the Watch app to view the same map that’s open on your iPhone. This mode will display your position on the map, and you can zoom in and out using the digital crown.

Compass: Navigation arrow and Auto rotate map :

If your watch has a compass, and OS 6 or above, we show a navigational arrow whilst you follow a route.  You also need to start the route on the watch, so download it to the watch - either using the Add to watch from the phone, or direct download on the watch - then start from the watch. Navigation is then the screen after the map.  If you press and hold on the map, choose Rotate, the map then rotates with the compass to be correctly orientated.

Deleting routes:
Force touch on the route details screen to delete a route (and saved maps for the route) off the watch.
How to record tracks:
Select ‘Track Recorder’ when you open the Watch app, then hit ‘Record Track’. You need your iPhone in close proximity to the Watch for this to work, as the track will be recorded on your phone. A track will be recorded automatically when you start following a route on the Watch, if you have your iPhone with you.
As you swipe through the Watch screens you can view your GPS location on the same zoomable map that’s open on your iPhone, with your track appearing as a green line on the map. Plus, view live stats including GPS position, altitude, elevation gain, distance travelled and trip time.
Known issues:

For best results when used with Apple Workouts start and stop track record on the iPhone, rather than on the watch. 
POI display is not supported on the Apple watch.   

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