Release notes (Android)

You can search for the latest versions through Play Store on your mobile device.
Supports Android version 4 and above.

Release version
v10.1.86 April 2020

It enables copy in the route/waypoint description, and fixes an issue sending VRC based maps to the watch with a route.


v10.1.82 February 2020

Fixes for a couple of wear issues - wrist flicks and recording. A crash. Navigation bar cropping names. Removed Fabric.

v10.1.78 January 2020
This latest release comes with Apple Sign in and some app improvements: 
Improved messaging for WearOS users when permissions are blocked. 
A more intuitive behavior when pressing the device back button. 
Fixed a bug where speed and distance graphs could give flat lines. 

Fixed a bug where the altitude delta was not showing numbers. 

v10.1.72 January 2020

fixes for navigating long routes, a back button in Skyline, fixes search for a phone with a physical keyboard, and a few other fixes.    

v10.1.56 December 2019
- Sync POIs with the website. 
- Fixes issue getting 400 error trying to sign into watch app. 
- When following a route, the route can no longer be hidden. When recording the track cannot be hidden (UI improvement). 
v10.1.3 November 2019
- heart rate support for the CASIO ProTrek F21 watch. 
- A few fixes.
v10.1.14 September 2019
- New Play store billing library (technical update). 
- A new restore purchases option in Settings > Troubleshooting. 
- Switch to choose between the current location provider and the Play Services location provider. 
- A few fixes.
v10.1.6 September 2019
- it fixes a problem where the recorded track could be lost if you stepped out of the app using the back button, or used resume after a long pause. 
v10.1.0 September 2019
- New UI for track recording and route following 
-  single tap full screen map toggle.  
- various bug fixes
v10.0.24 July 2019
- what3words support  
- various bug fixes
v10.0.2 June 2019
- photos on tracks. 
v9.3.8 April 2019  
- On watch, going from stats to ambient mode and back, stays on stats.
- Issue navigating on watches with no barometer is fixed.
- Efficient handling of missing icons on GPX import (removes a dos)
- Fixes missing images in routes
v9.3.2 April 2019 
— new in-app shop
v9.2.82 March 2019 
— Casio R2.1
v9.2.66 (v9.2.74 on watch) February 2019 
— Casio R2
v9.2.58 February 2019 
— bug fix
v9.2.56 February 2019 
— Fixes issues with incorrect map tiles being shown in both the watch app, and on the phone in places like track details and saving maps. 
- Removes the default text we provide in Facebook posts. Now they get the link and what that expands as. 
- If phone does not respond, watch shows the log in panel directly. 
- Eliminates a circumstance where maps were very slow to appear on watch.
v9.2.48 January 2019 
— R1 of Wear OS / CASIO
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