Release notes (Android)

You can search for the latest versions through Play Store on your mobile device.
Supports Android version 4.4 and above.

Release version
Android 10.11.26 February 2021.
  • Crash fixes


Android 10.11.24 January 2021.

  • It fixes the issue with the cached list of activities not showing when you record a track. 
  • Also fixes the issue that a network connection is needed to use Skyline
  • Now support only Android 4.4 onwards.
v10.11.18 January 2021 
  • Fixed new track record bug
v10.5.8 December 2020 
Android 10 changes
Skyline bug fix
v10.4.24 September 2020
  •  Skyline bug fix
v10.4.20 August 2020
  •  The crash for video playing on some devices, the timeout uploading long tracks from watch
v10.4.18 August 2020
  • Subscription maps for non-spherical mercator countries no longer need a VRC layer to work.
  • Lists of saved online maps no longer disappear when offline.
v10.4.14 July 2020

XTE alarm fixes

v10.4.8 June 2020

Technical release (credits)

v10.4.4 June 2020

OA banners
Optional terms and conditions links on challenges.

v10.1.86 April 2020

It enables copy in the route/waypoint description, and fixes an issue sending VRC based maps to the watch with a route.

v10.1.82 February 2020

Fixes for a couple of wear issues - wrist flicks and recording. A crash. Navigation bar cropping names. Removed Fabric.

v10.1.78 January 2020
This latest release comes with Apple Sign in and some app improvements: 
Improved messaging for WearOS users when permissions are blocked. 
A more intuitive behavior when pressing the device back button. 
Fixed a bug where speed and distance graphs could give flat lines. 

Fixed a bug where the altitude delta was not showing numbers. 

v10.1.72 January 2020

fixes for navigating long routes, a back button in Skyline, fixes search for a phone with a physical keyboard, and a few other fixes.    

v10.1.56 December 2019
- Sync POIs with the website. 
- Fixes issue getting 400 error trying to sign into watch app. 
- When following a route, the route can no longer be hidden. When recording the track cannot be hidden (UI improvement). 
v10.1.3 November 2019
- heart rate support for the CASIO ProTrek F21 watch. 
- A few fixes.
v10.1.14 September 2019
- New Play store billing library (technical update). 
- A new restore purchases option in Settings > Troubleshooting. 
- Switch to choose between the current location provider and the Play Services location provider. 
- A few fixes.
v10.1.6 September 2019
- it fixes a problem where the recorded track could be lost if you stepped out of the app using the back button, or used resume after a long pause. 
v10.1.0 September 2019
- New UI for track recording and route following 
-  single tap full screen map toggle.  
- various bug fixes
v10.0.24 July 2019
- what3words support  
- various bug fixes
v10.0.2 June 2019
- photos on tracks. 
v9.3.8 April 2019  
- On watch, going from stats to ambient mode and back, stays on stats.
- Issue navigating on watches with no barometer is fixed.
- Efficient handling of missing icons on GPX import (removes a dos)
- Fixes missing images in routes
v9.3.2 April 2019 
— new in-app shop
v9.2.82 March 2019 
— Casio R2.1
v9.2.66 (v9.2.74 on watch) February 2019 
— Casio R2
v9.2.58 February 2019 
— bug fix
v9.2.56 February 2019 
— Fixes issues with incorrect map tiles being shown in both the watch app, and on the phone in places like track details and saving maps. 
- Removes the default text we provide in Facebook posts. Now they get the link and what that expands as. 
- If phone does not respond, watch shows the log in panel directly. 
- Eliminates a circumstance where maps were very slow to appear on watch.
v9.2.48 January 2019 
— R1 of Wear OS / CASIO
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