GPS recommended settings and troubleshooting (Android)

When you press the Compass/GPS icon on the map screen the ViewRanger app asks the location services on the device to supply it with the current GPS location.  ViewRanger only shows an accurate position, other software may act differently.  GPS has an accuracy of 5 - 10 meters.

GPS types

There are two types of GPS on mobile devices;
  • A-GPS (Assisted)
  • GPS
Most mobile device specifications will list only A-GPS.  This is because the device will try to use A-GPS then revert to "normal" GPS.  A-GPS requires a mobile data connection to work.  GPS does not.  A-GPS assists the GPS service on the mobile device to acquire a quick GPS fix because, instead of taking time searching for the satellites, it asks the server where they are and then can lock onto them quickly.  If no data connection is available, it reverts to GPS, but takes longer to get a fix.
We highly recommend using A-GPS.

Recommending settings

Android 8 and below:  Go to the device "Settings" app, Location. Make sure it is enabled and set to "High accuracy".
Android 9 and above: Go to the device "Settings" app, Location. Make sure it is enabled and tap "Google Location Accuracy" and make sure that is on to.

If you have any Power or Battery saving settings enabled in the device "Settings" app, disable Power saving for now - or at least tell it to allow ViewRanger to run.


Restart the phone.
Keep the device where it will get a clear view of the sky and with nothing that can cause reflections like a building or cliff-side. Try a different pocket or case, remove anything else from the pocket (like metal keys!).

If you are having problems getting an accurate GPS fix try installing a free "GPS info" type app from the app store.  This will give you more information on what is happening with the location services on the device.  You are looking for a HDOP value dropping down to a value of around 2 or below before an accurate fix.

Tip!  When you have a red circle at your position, start the track recording - not before!

Huawei phones specific instructions

This will be due to power saving.
Google and Huawei are aware there are problems with the power management in recent Huawei firmware and are working to fix it. The power management shuts some apps down when the screen is off. Some people have already had a firmware update from Huawei fixing it.
In ViewRanger make sure that menu tab (in green bar) > Settings > GPS is set to "Continuous".
Then this is Huawei's current advice:
Update to the latest Android firmware (as listed below), using the main Settings app:
Honor 9 (SEF-L09): The fixed version has been published on October 30th.
Mate9 (MHA-L29): The version that is available after November 5th will include the fix.
P10 (VTR-L09): The version after October 17th will include the fix.
P20 Pro (CLT-L09): The version released around the end of January will include the fix.(EMUI version :Charlotte-L29C
P20 : The version released around the end of January will include the fix. (EMUI version:  Emily-L29C
Mate 10 Pro (BLA-L2): Will update to P version and the first P version will be launched in December.
This link shows the list of phones getting EMUI 9.0 update:
and how to update:
Update the Power Genius service. This should get updated by the system, but using to update it can get the greatest and latest. 8.1 or later should solve the issue.  Settings > Apps > More > Show System Processes > Power Genius to check current version.
You may also need to take these steps in the Phone manager app:
Phone manager app > Mobile data > Data saver: Off
Phone manager app > Mobile data > Networked apps > Click on the arrow right to *Networked app and select Advanced network settings > Activate all Background data
Phone manager app > Battery > Settings (top right corner) > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Always and activate Keep mobile data on during sleep
Phone manager app > Battery >Launch > Manage manually all
Recent app > Tick on the padlock of each app you want to keep running.
Android 7 and below Huawei devices:
Android Settings > Power saving, Power Plan set to Normal. Then tap Other, Protected apps, tick ViewRanger to be protected.
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