Planning a route in the app (Android)

Routes can be planned in the app or on the computer.  Planning the route on the computer lets you use the big screen and the Automated Trail Route Planning feature (see related page) to save time.   A route is a list of waypoints, which mark out a planned trip.

Create route

To create a route on the device in the app, on the map tab screen, press the plus "+" icon, Plot a route.  You will be asked to name the route.  As you tap the screen a waypoint is added to the route. A waypoint will appear - a blue circle with a red box around it to show it is selected. When creating a route or moving a point, you now move an offset handle Ic move point.png so you can see the actual position of the point you are moving.
When you have positioned the first waypoint, touch the screen, which will create a new waypoint. Position this new waypoint as before. When positioned touch the screen and repeat until the route is complete.
If you touch on the last placed waypoint you can move it, otherwise the next tap adds another waypoint.
To delete the last waypoint press the Delete button. You can use this repeatedly.

Position waypoints

You can switch between moving the point (or adding new points) by toggling the pan icon.  Tap the point icon to switch back to moving or adding points.
While a route is selected its name and length is shown at the top of the screen. If a waypoint is selected its name is shown too.
When the route is complete press the Done button.

Select a route

Before a route can be edited it needs to be selected. There are several ways to select routes and points, the most common are:
Tap the route on screen.
Go to the Profile tab (in green bar) and tap Routes. Tap on the required route to display it previewed, then tap the 3 dots in upper right of screen and select Show on map.
When a route is selected it is drawn red. If a waypoint is selected it is drawn with a red box around it.

Editing routes

Red box drawn around waypoint
Routes can be edited. First select the route or waypoint and choose the Edit. The menu contains items to move points, insert and delete waypoints, and extend the route.
Select a waypoint by touching it and choose Edit, Move point. Drag to move the point with the offset handle and press the Done button when you are finished.
To enter numeric coordinates for a point, tap the edit icon while you are moving the point.
Deselect the waypoint by pressing the route.
Use the Edit, Details panel to add a description to a route or waypoint, change a route's drawing style or a waypoint's icon.
To see a summary of a route's details - for example its length and height loss and gain, select the route, tap the route and choose Details.
To see a list of the route's waypoints, tap the route and choose Waypoints.
Change a waypoint's icon by tapping the waypoint, and choosing Edit, Properties. Use the Icon list to choose the icon, then press Back.

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