Walking World setup

ViewRanger allows you to search for routes and then download them. The routes comes from various providers including Walking World, The AA and Excellent Books.

Walking World subscribers can download routes from Walking World for free.  If you are a Walking World subscriber then setup this free access.


You need to use your ViewRanger account - the account you setup using ViewRanger to access the ViewRanger server.
Use a computer web browser to login (register if need be) to the my.viewranger.com . Note you login using the email address associated with the ViewRanger account (or the user name) and your current account password. If you need more help with login please see these instructions.
The first time you login you will be asked to fill in a profile under My ViewRanger account > My Profile. Fill in the fields and save. If you don't fill in enough fields it may give an error.
Click My ViewRanger account > Plug ins.  Enter your Walking World email and password then press Save profile. If there is an error you will be warned.
You will now be able to download routes in ViewRanger. Prices will be shown as zero and you will not be charged
Alternatively you can download a GPX file of the route from the Walking World web site and import that into ViewRanger. The GPX section explains more about GPX files.


You must make sure your Walking World subscription has not expired - try to log into Walking World web site and check the subscription status. 
ViewRanger on the phone must log in in with the same credentials you used to log into my.viewranger.com. Check this from the Menu tab(cog icon), My account, Account sign in.   The password is case sensitive.   You must have completed and saved your profile first.
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