Track settings

These settings can be adjusted in the app from the menu tab (in green bar), Settings, Track:


Whether the application should record a track log whenever you connect to GPS.

Track Minimum Distance

This is the distance you must move before a new point is added to the track. The larger the value the less memory the track consumes. At the default value of 10 metres, a point will only be added when you move 10 metres from the current location.

Track Minimum Time

This is the minimum time ViewRanger waits before adding a point to the track.  The default value is 5 Seconds.

Track Split Time

When you start recording a track, ViewRanger will normally start a new track. Track split time allows you to extend an existing track if it is recent enough. At the default value of 60 minutes, if you took a break of 50 minutes then when you resumed ViewRanger would extend the previous track. But if you took a break of 70 minutes, ViewRanger would start a new track. 
If an existing track is extended, then the new section is saved as a separate track segment. The line to the previous track segment is drawn with a fine line and is ignored by distance calculations.

Track Mark Time

ViewRanger draws arrows along a track indicating the direction you travelled. Their spacing is at regular time intervals given by this setting.  Default value is 5 minuets.

Configure Track Screen

This controls what track fields are shown in the panel at the foot of the map screen when you record a track.
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