BuddyBeacon: Troubleshooting

Here are the basics;

  • Your Buddy name is your ViewRanger account name, usually your email address. Names or emails are case sensitive.
  • Your PIN is created when you first send your Beacon.
  • You must send your location at least once before you can view its location.
  • If you change your user name or PIN you must send your location again before you can use the new details to look up the location.

Procedure to test if Beacon sending is working;

  • Confirm the user name you are using in ViewRanger Menu tab (in green bar), My account.
  • Update the PIN with menu tab, Settings, Beacon, My beacon PIN and update 4 digit PIN then press OK).
  • Send your location again with plus "+" icon, BuddyBeacon, Send Beacon now - data connection is required. Sending the PIN completes the reset procedure.
  • Check the results at www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon
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