Release notes (iOS)

The minimum iOS version is currently 10.0 

Release Version

v10.5.2 January 2021 
Outdooractive changes
v10.5.1 December 2020 
Bug fix for iPad
v10.4.5 September 2020 
Better logging of crashes.

v10.4.4 August 2020 
which fixes the log in issue

v10.4.2 July 2020 
Switch back to watchOS 4 minimum deployment 
Small fix to prevent crash when route plotting or moving poi
v10.4.1 July 2020 
Additional fix for Apple Sign In that lets user sign back in easier 
Fix for switching between compass styles not working properly if you tap on the icons

v10.4.0 June 2020 
OA banners 
Optional terms and conditions links on challenges.

10.3.5 March 2020     
it has a watch update in it - remembering you were in auto-rotate map after you are in full screen mode 
it fixes a crash when route collections don't have an image 
it has a fix for going in and out of route collections

10.3.4 March 2020     
Updates for the Apple Watch: 
- If your watch has a compass, we show a navigational arrow whilst you follow a route. 
- We show lists of recently accessed routes to make it easier to load onto your watch. 
- Some small visual enhancements and bug fixes.

10.3.3 January 2020    

Mostly bug fixes, advanced track settings controls and Apple Sign in

10.3.1 December 2019  
— POI syncing and various fixes
10.2.7 November 2019  
— bug fixed including gaps in tracks
10.2.5 October 2019  
— bug fixes
10.2.4 October 2019  

— bug fixes

10.2.3 October 2019  

— bug fixes around track recording

10.2.0 September 2019  

— improved track recording build has been released

10.1.4 July 2019  

— bug fixes

10.1.3 July 2019  
— auto route plotting improvements
10.1.2 June 2019  
— auto route plotting
10.1.1 May 2019  
— bug fixes
v10.0.1  April 2019
10.1.0 (519) May 2019  
— new route plotting
- Searching for places, people, and route guides has moved to the Main (•••) tab. 
- Go to Position has moved to the Map screen under the + button.
v10.0.0  March 2019 
- new track photos
v9.3.2  February 2019
- bug fixes
v9.3.0/1  February 2019
- New map shop
v9.2.3  February 2018
- Track security bug fix release.
v9.2.2  January 2019
- Casico R1 
- tap, tap "locate me" fix.
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