Huawei Power Save Issues (Android)

Huawei are aware there are problems with the power management in their recent firmware and are working to fix it. The power management shuts some apps down when the screen is off. Some people have already had a firmware update from Huawei fixing it.

First in ViewRanger make sure that menu tab (in green bar) > Settings > GPS is set to "Continuous".
This is Huawei's current advice:
Update to the latest Android firmware to or above but it should be noted availability of the update from Huawei is patchy.
Android 8 and above Huawei devices: To allow the apps to run in background, please set all of the following in the Phone manager app:
Phone manager app > Mobile data > Data saver: Off
Phone manager app > Mobile data > Networked apps > Click on the arrow right to *Networked app and select Advanced network settings > Activate all Background data
Phone manager app > Battery > Settings (top right corner) > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Always and activate Keep mobile data on during sleep
Phone manager app > Battery >Launch > Manage manually all
Recent app > Tick on the padlock of each app you want to keep running.
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