Guide to installing non subscription (side-load .VRC) maps (Android)

Installing the app

The ViewRanger GPS app is free to install from the 'Play Store' icon on your device.  We recommend this method of installing the app as you are automatically notified about software updates.

If you don't wish to sign up for a Google account, you can install the software directly, by pointing your mobile devices web browser to

Download overview maps

  • The app starts up with the free online maps, some (not all) of which can be cached for offline use.
  • In App, Menu tab (3 dots, top right), Maps, Free Maps folder, you will see free maps listed.
  • Download the free map by tapping on the Download icon to the right. Once downloaded, tap on Open to the right.
  • We also have some sample Premium maps that you can try for free, In App, by pressing the Menu tab (3 dots, top right), Map Shop, Great Britain (or other country)
  • For additional information see this page.

Install maps

The instructions for installing Premium maps vary depending on how you received the maps.

For in-app purchases, maps are installed and activated automatically.
Maps received on memory card are already installed, so there is nothing further to do apart from activation.

Activate Maps

Enter the serial number, supplied with the new maps, via Menu tab (3 dots, top right), Help and feedback, Redeem (activate), press OK. ViewRanger will connect to the server to activate by using an Internet connection.

You can also activate the maps by going to and logging in with your ViewRanger email address and password, enter the serial number in the field top right, Activate and add to my account.

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