Installing maps received by download (Android)

Quick install

Most maps can be download in the app, once the map serial number has been activated.  Use Menu tab (in green bar), My maps, My maps tab (right hand tab), pull the list downwards to refresh the list then download the map over wifi.

Side Load

This page explains how to download and install your maps, whether your receive them by download, using the web store or by installing one of our trial premium maps.

If you've received your maps on an SD/Memory card, then there's nothing to do, they are already installed. If you received your maps on CD or DVD then there is a separate page covering their installation.  See related page at the foot of this page.

If you received the maps by download, then first download and save the map file(s) to your computer.
To do this click on each download link. The web browser or Email program should ask whether you wish to save or open the file, choose Save. If asked where you'd like to save the file select somewhere easy to access, such as the desktop.
If the download doesn't start when you click on the link, then right mouse click and  'Save target as', navigate to your desktop and Save

NB.: If the maps are packaged in a .ZIP file, they will need to be extracted. To do this, right mouse click on the ZIP file and choose 'Extract all'.
When prompted extract the maps to the desktop.

If you haven't already done so, first install the ViewRanger app on your device, from Google 'Play Store'.

Maps must to be copied into the ViewRanger maps folder.   The location of the ViewRanger maps folder can be found In App; using Menu Tab (3 dots, top right), Settings, Storage, Maps folder.  For more help with storage, see the related link at the foot of this page.

Connect your device to the computer, using a USB cable.

On the computer Open your File Browser. Double click on your device, which should be listed in the left hand menu.

Look for the ViewRanger maps folder.

Copy, or drag and drop, the map files from the computer into the ViewRanger maps folder.

There are two ways to copy the maps:

Drag the files from their current location and drop them into the ViewRanger folder. This is easiest way if the files are on the desktop - or you can open a second File Browser to drag and drop them from the saved location in the 1st File Browser to the ViewRanger folder in the 2nd File Browser. 

Open a File Browser and navigate to the files' saved location. Select the files by clicking to highlight them. Use the File Browser's Context menu (right click), Copy. Go to the SD/Memory card/internal disk location, in your File Browser, double click on the ViewRanger folder to open it. From the Context menu (right click), Paste.

Disconnect the phone from the computer. If ViewRanger was running whilst you were doing the above, then on your device, please exit by tapping the Apps squarenext to the Home button (bottom middle of screen), swipe left or right to quit the ViewRanger app, restart ViewRanger and it will find the maps.  If your maps are not showing, please re-start your phone and try again.

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