Guide to installing non subscription (side-load .VRC) maps (iOS)

If you have not already done so, install the ViewRanger app from iTunes.

Maps can be purchased in-app or from our web shop.

Install options

Maps can be installed in three ways;

  • Maps purchased in-app are installed automatically and there is nothing to do. 
  • Quick install (web shop) - after activating the serial number, some regional maps and most whole country maps (such as whole GB), can be downloaded in app, over a wifi connection.  Use Menu tab (in green bar), My maps, My maps tab and download the map.
  • Side load (web shop)  - If you have activated the serial number but the map is not available in the MY MAPS tab, then install the map via your computer, from a download link or CD.

Once installed the map will be available in Menu tab (3 dots, green bar), My maps, ON DEVICE tab.

Side loading maps

To side load maps, via your computer, from a download or CD.
Locate your maps on your PC / MAC or CD, they may be bundled in a ZIP file, or may be .VRC and .VRH files. Use iTunes File Sharing (see related pages at the foot of this page) to install the maps.
Once the maps are installed and loaded, activate the map using Menu tab (in green bar), My Account, Redeem (activate serial number).  Enter the serial number you were sent with the new maps and press Submit.

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