iTunes File Sharing (iOS)

Use the 'iTunes File Sharing' interface to import, export or delete maps and GPX files via the USB cable connecting your Apple device and computer.

The 'File Sharing' section in iTunes shows the contents of the ViewRanger folder on your iPhone or iPad. It shows the files and sub-folders in the folder, but does not show the contents of sub-folders.

You can import individual and multiple files, but cannot import folders. You can export files and sub-folders. You can also delete items with the back space key on your computer but care should be taken with this.


  • Connect the device to your computer with the USB cable and on the computer run iTunes.
  • In iTunes, make sure you are in the Library (not iTunes Store) and press the device button in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click Apps under Settings (apps tab in old version of iTunes)
  • Scroll right down the page to the File Sharing section (in old version of iTunes)
  • Click on ViewRanger in the Apps list and, after a few moments, the ViewRanger home folder is displayed under the Documents window on the right hand side of the screen.

Importing maps and other items:

iTunes file sharing allows you import individual and multiple files but not folders. The map files end in .VRC and the height data in .VRH. Files can also be bundled into ZIP files and copied onto the device.

To copy files onto the iPhone or iPad:

  • Press the 'Add File...' button
  • A pop-up file choosing window titled 'iTunes'
  • Browse and select the file (or files) from your computer that you wish to add to the device.
  • Press Open (on an iMac press 'Add').
  • Progress will be indicated on the device and at the top of the iTunes window under the Apple logo.
  • Alternatively, drag files and drop them into the Documents window in iTunes. You cannot drag on a folder.

Once the files are copied onto the iPhone or iPad, to load them into ViewRanger:

  • If you imported a zip file, then this must be manually un-zipped; open ViewRanger application on the device and select Menu tab, Import / export > Documents and click the zip, then Import ZIP/VRZ.
  • If you imported other files, then in the ViewRanger application on the device, select Menu tab, Import / export and Load new data. Note: There is no confirmation message when you press this button, it just goes blue very briefly.

Delete maps and files:

In the "Documents" window tap the file or folder and press the delete key on the computer keyboard.

Cannot see File Sharing?

If you cannot see the file sharing section:

  • Check you have scrolled down the iTunes panel, there is a thin scroll bar on the right hand side. This is very easy to miss. (in old version of iTunes)
  • Check you are using iTunes version 11 using Help > About iTunes.
  • Your iPhone/iPad must have iOS 4. Check this on the device using Settings > General > About > Version.
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