Dropbox is a cross-platfrom file sharing service. ViewRanger now supports Dropbox, so you can export routes, tracks and POIs to GPX files directly to Dropbox. You can also import GPX files and other items from Dropbox.

Dropbox only allows ViewRanger to access the /Apps/ViewRanger folder, so put the files in there.
NOTE: It's not recommended to use DropBox to install map files as you may have time out issues with large files so use the iTunes File Sharing interface to install maps (see related article).

Import from Dropbox

Sign in to your Dropbox account using Menu tab, Import/export, Dropbox login.

Once signed in, you can browse the files in the Apps\ViewRanger folder of your Dropbox account. Note: Dropbox does not give ViewRanger access to the rest of your Dropbox folders, just to Apps/ViewRanger. So you need to move or link content to this folder before importing.

Select a file and you can use the "Download and import" button to download the file to your iPhone/iPad, and then import it. You can do this for GPX files containing routes, tracks or POIs. You can also download and import Viewranger data files like .VRC map files or even .ZIP files, which Viewranger will unpack.

Export to Dropbox

To export a single item into a GPX file and send it straight to Dropbox, for example a track:

  • Go to Profile tab (in green bar), Tracks > tap the track > Edit > Export to Dropbox.
  • Fill in the filename and confirm.

To export a file to Dropbox from ViewRanger, for example a map or GPX file:

  • Go to Menu tab, Import/export > Documents and select the file
  • Tap Export to Dropbox
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