The green navigation bar at the top of the screen is where you navigate the app.  The 4 tabs from left to right are "Discovery", "Map", "Profile" and "Menu".  Tap the "Map" tab is display the current map.


The Android version has 5 tabs with the addition of a "Search" tab.  On iOS, search is under Menu tab.

Below the navigation bar is the "Map Options" icon.  Use this to swap map layers and save maps for offline use.

At the foot of the map screen is a row of 3 icons.  The center icon is the "Locate me" icon.  Tap this to center the map on your GPS location.  A red circle will be shown at your location.  As you move the map will move with you, keeping you in the center of the screen.

Map tab


If you move the map with you finger you must tap the "locate me" icon once more to lock your position to the center of the screen so the map moves as you move once more.

By default maps orientate so North is up.  Map auto rotate is where the map rotates to keep the direction you are heading straight up the screen.  When auto-rotate is switched on the map automatically rotates to be as close to the direction of travel as possible.  This feature is helps to orientate yourself in the real world but works best when you are moving.  Tap the "locate me" icon one time to lock the screen to your GPS location, twice to turn on map auto rotate and three times to turn off map auto rotate.


Auto rotate map can only be turn on using Menu tab (in green bar), Display preferences.

Full screen mode can be accessed by tapping anywhere on the map.  Tap map again to exit full screen mode.

Full screen mode


Long press anywhere on the map to access full screen mode.

The are a few different free online global maps available and these can be found under Menu tab (in green bar), Maps, Online maps or via the map option icon (in the top right corner of the map).  These online maps should be saved for offline use while you are still on wifi.  To save a online map for offline use tap the Map Options icon and tap "Save for Offline Use".

Save for Offline use

Zoom in on an area wish wish to save and press "Download".  You can repeat this process, building up areas of saved map.  Green shaded areas are already downloaded.  The app knows not to download areas that are already downloaded so overlapping the saved areas it not an issue.  Saved areas are listed under Menu tab (in green bar), Maps, "Custom Offline Maps".   Tap on the saved map name (don't tap open) to manage the saved map.  Saved areas are registered on your account so can be downloaded on other devices.

Download map for offline use


If you have multiple devices, use one device to save the maps and on the other device use Menu tab (in green bar), Maps, Customer Offline Maps, tap on the saved area you created and "Download to Device".

If you have a route planned, you can use an alternate method to save a strip of map for offline use along the route. Use Profile tab (in green bar), Routes, tap on the Route, tap 3 dots at the top and "Save a map for offline use".  This is an efficient way of ensuring you have the map saved for the activity you have planned.  Routes are discussed in more detail in another document.


The app is free but additional functionality can be unlocked by upgrading the app to Premium.  All our map subscriptions include the premium upgrade. 

However, due to the transition to Outdooractive, we no longer sell new subscriptions. Existing subscriptions continue until they are due to renew.

For information on managing and cancelling a map subscription please see this page.

Due to the transition to Outdooractive, we no longer sell maps in ViewRanger. This information is for those who already own maps:

In addition to free global maps and premium plus map subscriptions we also sold maps for other, non subscription, one time purchase, topographic map counties, which include; Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.  These maps do not include the Premium upgrade, and are downloaded in a different way.

Downloading maps by-the-tile:

  • Download the free country overview map in the app using Menu tab (in green bar), Map Shop
  • Open the free overview map and press the map options icon (in top right corner of the map)
  • Choose "Get more premium tiles"
  • Choose the appropriate map scale at the top of the screen
  • Zoom in and tap a map tile on the grid then tap "Download"

Downloading map packages:

A packaged region or whole country map can be downloaded in-app over wifi using Menu tab (in green bar), Maps and tapping on the name of the map then tapping download.

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