The green navigation bar at the top of the screen is where you navigate the app.  The 4 tabs from left to right are "Discovery", "Map", "Profile" and "Menu".  Tap the "Profile" tab, Tracks to display the list of tracks on the device.  At first, you will not have any tracks recorded so nothing will be listed.


The Android version has 5 tabs with the addition of a "Search" tab.  On iOS, search is under Menu tab.

Profile tab

A track is a recording or your movements.  It is drawn as an overlay item on the map as you move along.  It contains statistics like length, elevation gain / loss and average speed.  It can be uploaded to our website and kept as a record of the activity.


Separate to a track, which is a recording of your activity, a route is a plan of the trail you will follow.  Learn more about routes in a separate document.  A Track is always recorded when you follow a route.

To record a track tap the plus "+" button in the corner of the map tab screen.

Map tab

Tap "Record a Track" and choose an activity category.

Choose activity

As you record your tracks a red circle will show your position on the map, a breadcrumb trail will be drawn of where you have been and a vector arrow will indicate how far you will travel in 5 minutes.  Track fields are displayed on a panel at the foot of the screen which can be pulled up to display more information.  You can tap the fields in the panel to view additional trip fields.  You can configure the track fields display in the panel in Settings > Track > Configure track screen.  Tapping on the map goes into full screen mode. 

Track record

Take photos, in the normal way, during track record.  Later you will be asked if you wish to upload them to our server.

Tap the "Pause" icon to pause a finish track record.  This takes you to the save track screen where you can add any photos you took during the track record, rename and save the track.

When the track is saved we attempt to upload the track to our website if an internet connection is available.  If this fails, you can upload it in the app use Menu tab (in green bar), Sync content.

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