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  • Free vs PREMIUM and creating an account

    Free app The ViewRanger app is free to download.   You can use the app to show your position, record your tracks, plan routes and save the free online maps for offline use.  Some advanced features in

  • Walking World setup

    ViewRanger allows you to search for routes and then download them. The routes comes from various providers including Walking World, The AA and Excellent Books. Walking World subscribers can download r

  • BuddyBeacon: Troubleshooting

    Here are the basics; Your Buddy name is your ViewRanger account name, usually your email address. Names or emails are case sensitive. Your PIN is created when you first send your Beacon. You must send

  • Sharing tracks

    A track is either public or private.  A track can only be shared if it is public.  We don't support sharing to a closed group.   Before a track can be shared it must be uploaded to our website my.view

  • BuddyBeacon: Sending and resetting

    The buddy beacon allows you to share your location with other people. They can see your position, and tweets, by entering your user name and your PIN number on a web page or on a handset running ViewR

  • Publishing Routes

    Before routes can be shared they must be uploaded to the website and set as published. If you plotted the route in the app on the mobile device to upload all routes, use Menu tab (in

  • 3D Flyovers

    Bring your tracks and routes to life with 3D Flyovers. Pan and zoom around routes before you leave on your trip. Replay your recorded tracks. Use can use 3D Flyovers in the app or on the website http:

  • Skyline FAQ

    Q. What is Skyline for Android and iOS? Skyline adds labels to peaks, places and water in the landscape as you look through the camera viewfinder.   It also displays navigation arrows when you follow

  • Routes

    The green navigation bar at the top of the screen is where you navigate the app. The 4 tabs from left to right are "Discovery", "Map", "Profile" and "Menu". Tap the "Profile" tab, Routes to display

  • Change device and restore maps

    It's simple to change phone or restore maps to a device. Open the app and sign into your ViewRanger account. Your maps and content are linked to this email address. You will get the option to synchron

  • Cancel subscriptions / unsubscribe

    To cancel an auto-renewing subscription, unsubscribe, please see this page. To manage your email and notification settings, in the Android or iOS app go to menu tab (3 dots top right), Settings, Notif

  • GPX (Android)

    You can exchange routes, tracks and points of interest between ViewRanger and other applications, using GPX files. It's not possible however, to share maps between applications. GPX stands for GPS

  • Wear OS Watch

    How to install ViewRanger app on your Wear OS device Ensure the firmware on your watch is up to date. Install the latest "Wear OS" app onto your Android phone or iPhone from your app store.  This allo


    Before launching ViewRanger, please make sure your CASIO PRO TREK Smart watch is paired with your iPhone or Android smartphone and running the latest updates. Your CASIO smartwatch and Wear OS for Goo

  • Device storage (Android)

    All phones and tablets have a main storage device, but some also have an additional removable 'external' SD storage card. ViewRanger can write maps and other data on the internal storage, or the

  • Apple Watch

    ViewRanger for Apple Watch delivers offline maps, detailed route guides, and live trip stats directly to your wrist. The app pinpoints your exact location using GPS and tracks your movements on zoomab

  • Map settings

    The following settings are found under the Menu tab (in green bar),  Settings, Map. iOS Additional settings can be found under Menu tab (in green bar), Settings, Online maps. Map magnification Allow y

  • GPX (iOS)

    It is easy to exchange routes, tracks and points of interest between ViewRanger and other applications, including our own web site. However, it is not possible to share maps between

  • Automated route planning on the computer

    Routes can be planned in the app or on the computer. Planning the route on the computer lets you use the big screen and the Automated Trail Route Planning feature to save time. A route is a list of wa

  • BuddyBeacon location sharing

    BuddyBeacon allows you to share your real-time location with friends. A mobile connection is required to send a Beacon, but the app will also send old positions once it reconnects if you’ve been explo

  • Maps

    The green navigation bar at the top of the screen is where you navigate the app.  The 4 tabs from left to right are "Discovery", "Map", "Profile" and "Menu".  Tap the "Map" tab is display the current